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Our Goal

Transcom Telecommunication's mission is to foster long term business relationships by designing, delivering, and maintaining the most optimal solutions for our customers. Our objective is to optimize our client’s   resources by delivering long term value.

IPedge provides a business communications system that delivers real solutions.



Cloud-Based Solutions

With client software you can download from the Internet, users gain new levels of convenience, productivity and cost savings, no matter how they access the Toshiba phone system—smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Your third-party device works as it always did. Whenever you need it, you can activate UCedge to tap into the power of the Toshiba office phone system and unified communications.

IP business phone systems use your existing IP data network—your local area network (LAN)—to process voice calls and handle system administration, which offers huge advantages over traditional digital business phone systems.  By unifying voice and data on one network, you reduce equipment and costs while gaining a new realm of capabilities that the traditional digital phone system could never do.

Cloud-based or network-based services are familiar concepts to most of us. Think of Internet TV instead of a VCR or DVR... sharing digital photos online instead of on DVDs or glossy prints.  Why not apply the same concept, with all its benefits, to your business phone system?  This solution delivers the benefits of modern IP business without requiring you to buy, install or maintain an on-site communications server (PBX).

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