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Since 1986, Transcom has invested heavily in our own R&D. We test and evaluate different systems & applications to make sure we’re delivering highly reliable, “leading edge” solutions & support. Everything we sell, install & support has been tested and proven by our factory certified technicians. Whether you need hardware, software, network services, or a designed solution for your communications, our best product is our service!

Sophisticated IP Communications Made Easy and Affordable.

Your communications system is more than a tool to connect with colleagues, customers and vendors. It projects an image. It sends a strong message about the efficiency, productivity and professionalism of your business. With Toshiba’s IPedge system, every location, every branch office—from 8 users to thousands of users—can present an enterprise-class face to the world.

With Toshiba’s IPedge, sophisticated IP communications come in a single, compact server that occupies a mere 1U of rack space or sits on a shelf. One server provides the productivity, convenience and control capabilities the business needs, such as:

  • Complete business telephone features
  • Voice mail with unified messaging
  • Unified communications
  • Meet-me audio and video conferencing with Web collaboration
  • Mobility solutions
  • Contact center solutions

With VIPedge, customers get the benefits of an on-premise IPedge system, but instead of buying or leasing an on-site system, they get IPedge capabilities from the cloud as a hosted service for a predictable monthly fee based on size and usage.


With VIPedge, Toshiba provides the data center infrastructure, IPedge servers and managed IP network that delivers the central intelligence of the communications system. All that customers need on-site are a Toshiba-approved router, endpoint user devices, and business-class cable or higher Internet data services to connect those devices to the VIPedge service

VIPedge uses minimal administration software, commercially available network devices, and the same high-quality Toshiba endpoint devices as the IPedge system.

Start taking advantage of your on-demand unified communications, wherever your work takes you.

  • Work from anywhere using personal or business mobile devices as a business phone extension.
  • Use UCedge from up to three devices at the same time.
  • Be easier to reach from one number—your office number—in or out of the office or out of the country.
  • Stay in touch while traveling internationally.
  • Protect mobile number privacy by displaying only the office phone number in caller ID.
  • Manage office voice mails quickly and easily with a visual interface.
  • Call thru the phone system, placing long distance and international calls to contacts from a cell phone at landline rates.
  • Pair an iOS or Android device with your desk phone to conveniently initiate dialing via the mobile device.

Voice & Data Cabling

Infrastructure design and installation.  Fiber-optic installation.

Call Center Solutions

Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

Call Recording Solutions

Voice documentation / recording servers for quality control, governmental & industry compliance.

Surveillance Systems

Voice Processing Systems

IP and Analog Video Surveillance Cameras.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Systems.  Network Video Recorder (NVR) Servers.  Covert recording systems.  Rental systems available.

VoIP, digital and analog voicemail systems.  Interactive Voice Response systems.  Voice and fax Unified Messaging.  Custom voicemail applications and services.

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